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MDS Legrand - Mosaic Mechanisms


Features of all Mosaic mechanisms- Switches & Sockets

1. Finger - Proof terminals for IP 20 Protection against accidental contact.
2. Captive "never to loose screws".
3. Tunnel terminals preventing screwdrivers from slipping
4. All mechanisms can also be removed from the front side of the frame.
5. Laser marking on mechanisms. Arrow showing the correct orientation of the mechanism.
6. The latest IS 3854 : 1997
7. No visible screws after installation.
8. Possibility of weather proofing mechanisms using Plexo 55 boxes.
9. For switches with neon lamp, life of a bulb is 25000 hours.
10. Fully shrouded internal mechanism under the rocker preventing visibility of sparks.
11. Sockets are shuttered for child's safety against electric shocks.
12. Stripping template on sockets for stripping off exact length of insulation.
13. In 6 / 16 a 3-pin combined sockets, barrier between terminals preventing accidental contact of phase to neutral and phase to earth wires.
Mosaic Cover Plates and Metal Flush Boxes.


Mosaic Switches


DLP Trunking - Pop-up Boxes


Also all other panel board accessories.
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