Industrial power distribution system
HENSEL - DK Cable Junction Boxes IP 65

  • Suitable for cable sizes 1.5 upto 240
  • Available with power / control terminals, cable glands & other accessories
  • Captive lid screws made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Dust caps to prevent ingress after mounting & to achieve total insulation
  • Variable terminal position for different incoming & outgoing configurations
  • Vibration proof & high mounted terminals
  • Pre-moulded knockouts eliminate need to drill cable entries at site
  • Boxes with plain walls available for customized cable entry requirements
  • Wall mounting with elongated holes for adjustments after fixing
  • Grommets available for conduit entry
HENSEL - KV Circuit Breaker Boxes IP 65

  • Suitable for installation of all MCBs / DIN Rail equipment upto 63A
  • Available from 3 modules upto 54 modules in 1,2,3 & 4 tier versions
  • Captive lid screws made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Integrated PE & N terminals with captive & shrouded screws
  • Raised PE & N terminals with more space for cable entry configurations
  • Incorporated compartment to store accessories like screwdrivers, fuses, wiring diagrams
  • Lower side walls provides for easy access to mount equipment & for wiring
  • Two depth mounting provision for DIN Rail
  • Sufficient marking space-circuit marking strips provided with acrylic membrane
  • Dust caps to prevent ingress after mounting & to achieve total insulation
  • Cable entry through pre-moulded knockouts on all sides
  • Cable entry cover to hide incoming & outgoing cables
  • Transparent door with provision for left or right side hinge
  • KV "Extra" Circuit Breaker Boxes available with additional space to mount terminal blocks or other electrical devices, which are not to be manually actuated
  • Locking provision with lock & key as accessory
  • Threaded connecting glands for lateral assembly of boxes
HENSEL - KV Empty Boxes IP 65

  • For installation of equipment on DIN Rails or mounting plates
  • Suitable to install Contactors, Relays, Timers, Sensors, Terminal Blocks, Push Buttons, Meters, MCBs, ELCBs, etc.
  • 4 sizes with transparent hinged lid
  • Sealing provision available
  • Available with fastener for tool operation
  • Lower side walls of enclosure provides for easy access to mount equipment & for wiring
HENSEL - Cable Entry Systems IP 65 / IP 55 / IP 54

  • Available in sizes from M12 to M63
  • Cable Glands with checknut IP 65, made of polyamide
  • Cable grommets IP 65 for conduit entry
  • Stepped cable glands IP 54
HENSEL - Mi Distributors IP 65

  • Modular enclosure system for equipments upto 630 A
  • Box system within a common grid of 150mm with 5 box sizes
  • Choice of transparent or opaque lids
  • 2 different lid heights
  • Quick action fasteners - lock and unlock with half ( 180 ) Screw turn
  • Sealing, locking and hand operating provisions available
  • Bottom parts with pre - moulded knock outs on all sides for cable entry
  • Wall mounting by use of external mounting brackets or bolts
  • Combinable & Extendable by use of gasket and wedge connector set
  • Plenty of fastening points in the box allows for variable equipment assembly
  • Available with all required accessories like extension frames, protection plates, cable entry flanges, spacers, mounting plates, busbars, supports, wall dividers etc
HENSEL - Mi Combinable Panel Systems IP 65

  • Customized as per individual requirements upto 630A
  • Type tested switchgear assemblies (TTA) according to IEC 60439-1
  • Protection class II, total insulation
  • Suitable for various makes of components / switchgears
  • Combinable and extendable in all directions
  • Can be assembled without any sophisticated tools
  • Each panel system individually tested
  • Routine test certificate delivered with the system



HENSEL WALTHER - Insulated Plug Sockets IP 44 / IP 67

  • Safe & reliable power connection
  • Excellent load carrying capability
  • Large variety of models
  • Designed to connect & disconnect under load
  • Prevents incorrect mating of non-compatible devices
  • Color coding according to Voltage range

    Material Highlights

  • High grade virgin thermoplastic materials
  • Excellent high class surface finish
  • Non-metallic, anti-corrosive, dust & moisture proof
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
  • High quality machined contacts with low tolerances
  • Two contact screws with all devices
  • Contact screws with universal heads, captive & open
  • All metal parts with adequate corrosion protection
  • Multi-Contact lamellas in all 125 A sleeve contacts
  • Internal fold out strain relief for ease of installation
HENSEL WALTHER - Plug Socket Combination Units

  • Customized as per individual requirements
  • Great variety of products including many special versions
  • Modifications to customer specifications possible
  • Available in
    • Thermoplastics
    • Hard Rubber
  • Protection degree up to IP 67 depending on IP degree of appliances used
  • Knock-out cable entries at top and bottom
  • Fire retardant & self extinguishing
  • VDE approved design (VDE/GS)
  • Each combination individually tested
  • Routine test certificate delivered with the device

Also all other panel board accessories.
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